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Philippine-American Association of Connecticut, Inc

“Promoting the best of the Filipino culture through performing arts, music, food, education, charitable causes, and community involvement“


Welcome! We at PAAC appreciate the countless contributions of all the people who helped us throughout our history- the founding members, the officers, all members and supporters. While we celebrate every triumph, milestone and accomplishment, we also acknowledge all the challenges and struggles we have endured through different eras of both Philippine and American history. These collective effort and shared experiences are essential parts of what makes PAAC one of the most storied and admired organizations today.

In the activities that we enjoy doing, we attract people with common interest and enthusiasm. What further binds us is our shared passion to come together to work towards worthy goals. Inside every person is some great passion – a burning desire to contribute, to express a feeling, to move with action.

Indeed, passion is an emotion to be acted upon. We have embraced our role to do things with great pleasure and also to harness the passion of people so that they may express themselves creatively and most dearly, express their Filipino culture and identity.


“Keeping our culture and heritage is a beautiful thing. Passing on our love for our culture and heritage is a beautiful gift to the younger generation. Expressing it with great passion, through action and by example, makes that same beautiful gift more meaningful and more lasting.“

We realize that our organization exist because we harness individual passion well and provide opportunities for contribution to our communities.  In doing so purposefully, consciously, and consistently, we contribute to paving a bright way to the future of our organization and greater community.

We personally invite you to participate in our activities and support the people who has the passion to make our Filipino-American community purposeful, dynamic and relevant.

Mabuhay po kayong lahat!
Riel L Cruz

Snapshots from our fundraising events