Chinese Language School of Greater Hartford – Chinese New Year Celebration

Chinese Language School of Greater Hartford – Chinese New Year Celebration

February 11, 2018 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Conard High School
110 Beechwood Road
West Hartford
CT 06107
Ben Hargy

The Lunar New Year arrives on February 16. The Chinese Language School has arranged a banquet at Conard High School, West Hartford on Sunday, February 11, 2018. This occasion has been traditionally a once-a-year event and the largest get-together for our friends in the Chinese community in Hartford. It will be a great opportunity for us all to catch up with old friends and get to know some new friends.

Besides an affordable banquet, we will also offer entertainment programs and fundraising activities.

A registration form is attached. Please let us receive your registration no later than Friday, February 2, 2018 . You may mail in your registration, or give it to our Principal, Chiachi Chuang. We may not be able to accommodate late registrations.

We will try to reach as many people as possible by email. Please invite your friends to join us or circulate this invitation to those we may have missed in our distribution list. If you have any question, please contact: Ben Hargy at 860-967-1274 or our Principal, Chiachi Chuang.

親愛的 朋友們,二零一八年春節在即,中文學校 如往年一樣 為康州華人籌備了一年一度的春節 餐 會,今年將於二月十一日星期日在西哈特福的Conard高中擧行,餐會中將有娛樂節目和義賣活 動。

隨函附上註册單。註册結止日期是二零一八年二月二日。 你可以郵寄方式報名, 或直接將報名 表及支票交給學校校長莊嘉祺(Mr. Chiachi Chuang)。如果您有任何問題, 請和中文學校董事會 主席高本明(Ben Hargy)先生(聯絡電話:860-967-1274 ).

讓我們這些海外朋友像家人一樣,同在一起重溫“過年”歡聚一堂的熱鬧氣氛,享受大家庭的溫 馨。 别忘了邀請您的朋友與我們同歡,我們誠摯盼望與您們同聚!

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