Annual APAC Honorees

Master List of APAC Awardees – 2018May6


2008 – 1st Annual APAC Gala

Dr. Roger Buckley, University of CT  (Higher Education)
Dr. Henry C. Lee
Dr. Geeta Pfau (Higher Education)
Rep. William Tong
2009 – 2nd Annual APAC Gala

Mr. Howard Phengsomphone, Executive Director – Lao Association of CT, Inc. (Community Leadership)
Naeem Khalid, CEO of Sam’s Foods (Community Supporter)

2010 – 3rd  Annual APAC Gala
Mrs. Shyling Lee

2011– 4th Annual APAC Gala

Jack Hasegawa- Civil Rights & Education

Judge Nawaz Wahla – Community Service

Abdul Islam – Entrepreneurship


2012 – 5th  Annual APAC Gala

Mr. Mario Blancaflor (Engineering)
Dr. Edgardo Ragaza (Medicine)
Ms. Angela Rola, University of CT  (Higher Education & Community)

2013– 6th Annual APAC Gala

Mr. Joseph Marfuggi (Civic & Community Engagement)
Mr. Sheen Mathew (Small Business)
Haejin Park (Youth Leadership)
Dr. Victoria Rey (Higher Education)
Clara Tang (Youth Community Engagement)


2014– 7th  Annual APAC Gala

Julie Chu – Chu is the first Asian American woman to play for the U.S. Olympic ice hockey team

Dr. Mun Y. Choi – Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs at the University of Connecticut


2015– 8th Annual APAC Gala

Dr. William Howe (Education)

Than Soe Aye (Outstanding Young Leader Award)

Colonel Richard S.K. Young, MD, M.P.H (US Armed Forces)

2016– 9th  Annual APAC Gala

Dr. Cathy Schlund-Vials, University of CT (Higher Education)

2017– 10th  Annual APAC Gala

Ms. Carolyn Ikari, Assistant US Attorney, CT

  1. Umesh Vig (Higher Education?)

Father Joseph Cheah (Higher Education/Community Service)

George Jeong (Asian American Activist of the Year)


2018– 11th  Annual APAC Gala

Richard Blumenthal, U.S. Senator – Outstanding Contribution to the APA Community of CT

David McCluskey, former CT State Representative – Outstanding Contribution to the APA Community of CT
Theanvy Kuoch, Executive Director, Khmer Health Advocates, Inc. – Outstanding Contribution to the APA Community of CT